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Our vision

We march from simple manufacture to technical innovation, make sustainable operation and lead in the industry.

★We make technical innovation focused on high-end position in high-precision processing and manufacturing.

★We balance survival & development and short run & long run and pursue healthy and sustainable development.

★Our pursuit and long-term goal are leading in the industry.


Our mission

We constantly create successful chances for our customers, employees, business partners and shareholders!

★We focus on customer demand and challenge, supply high-quality products and services and support customers to succeed.

★We provide our employees with an atmosphere and development platform in which they respect each other and help them get returns and achievements.

★We grant our business partners with fair, reasonable, equal and mutually benefiting chances of cooperation.

★We make investment returns of our shareholders higher than average earnings in society.


Our core value

Customer first

★Customer is the fundamental of KCD’s survival and only by winning customers may we survive and develop;

★It is our priority to insist in supply of quality products and services for customers;

★Every KCD’s employee should make contributions to satisfying customers, which is our working orientation and performance standard.


Company-wide quality

★Quality is required to fulfill customer demand and pursue the greatest customer satisfaction.

★Quality results from not only design and production but also company-wide efforts, which is a perfectly coherent system project.

★Quality is our commitment for our customers, our value and dignity of KCD’s employees.


Pursuit of truth and innovation

★Realistic and practical, we come down to earth and manage all fundamental tasks in an enterprise; we spontaneously study, learn and introduce successful experience in the industry and constantly improve our technology and management.

★We develop “crazy” spirit of “daring to do what we think and sparing no effort”. We are not contented with our existing performance or confined to reality and challenge. We dare to make commitment and shoulder, overcome difficulty, and win a leading position in the industry.

★Our innovation is in pursuit of business success in customer-oriented way.



★Working in line with system and process and supplying high-quality output for downstream is duty of each member and foundation of teamwork.

★We should remove our self-protection shield and department barrier, take ourselves to account for any problem, and spontaneously solve and prevent problem from recurring.

★We insist on criticism and self-criticism; we respect each other instead of targeting any particular person; we fully express our personal opinions.

★We rigorously exercise group decisions.

★If a big team is not successful, small teams and individuals will not be successful.


Honesty and trustworthiness

★Honesty: we prevent falsehood and cheating, and keep honest at heart.

★Credibility: we do what we say, implement all in place, fulfill our promises, trust others, and stick to what we insist in spite of difficulty or cost.

★Honesty is our responsibility and principle as well as our most important intangible asset.


Loyalty and devotion

★Instead of impairing the company’s interests, we maintain its assets and information safety, identify and practice its company culture and share happiness and woe.

★We do our own jobs well in line with occupational criterion. We are full of passion. We are delighted to devotion and contribution. We make sustainable improvement and pursue excellence.


Our strategy

★We highlight customer demand and challenge, keep an acute market insight and supply high-quality products and services for customers in time.

★We establish core teams of all grades and build a team of employees who are up to KCD’s cultural orientation and full of fighting capacity.

★We lay a solid foundation of management, make sustainable improvement in management and promote our operating efficiency.

★We build our core technical power in precision manufacture and guarantee product’s technical and quality level.