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(Demand-oriented training and education system of independent study and comprehensive development)

The company highlights development of its employees, which has formed a complete training and education system composed by induction training for new employees, pre-job training, on-the-job training, annual training and diploma promotion reeducation training. It supplies a broad platform of study and development for every employee so as to build an education and training culture of KCD’s own characteristics.  

Induction training

Induction training is for each new employee in the company so as to better and faster merge in the company’s culture. The content of induction training extensively covers the company’s history of development, prospect and goal, regulation and system, institutional framework, welfare and treatment, safety knowledge, product identification, quality concept, manufacturing management, sunshine mentality, etc. 

Pre-job training:  

In order to make new employees master required methods and procedures for their own jobs, their departments organize professionals to train them in basic skills in their positions, business knowledge, and identification system in their positions. After they are qualified in training assessment, they become formal employees on duty with work licenses issued. 

On-the-job training:  

In order to make employees constantly adapt to skill demands at their positions and fulfill the company’s demand for constant development, the company and their departments impart new information, technologies, skills and procedures to them in on-the-job training so as to update their existing skills, constantly enhance their comprehensive business quality and advance them to neck and neck with the company and develop with the company.  

Annual training: 

Annual training covers compulsory programs for new and old employees, the company’s overall strategic planning and training demands of all departments. The company rigorously exercises annual training operation plan. Based on constant summarization, the company pledges quality of all-year training management and business work so as to promote its personnel quality and work quality and fulfill its demand for management and technology.  

In order to offset the company’s weakness in internal training and absorb experience of advanced manufacture, development and management, the company recruits external lecturers and assigns personnel concerned to be trained while promoting and converting learning achievements to productivity in the company for years so as to greatly enhance its overall level of manufacture, sale, management and technology and make it keep leading competitiveness and absolute superiority in the industry.